Meet the Team

Our Friendly Team 

We are here to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  A good team makes everything run smoothly.


We like to provide you with the best service and care!

Dr Dennis Cochran Mexico dental team

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At the dental clinic of Dr. Dennis Cochran, our energetic dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a positive dental experience every time you visit our office. We welcome you with warm smiles to our practice!

Who We Are

We are a dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Our staff is a highly-trained, board-certified dentist, an assistant, and receptionist.  

We operate cohesively, enjoy one-another, and our patients too. 

Our modern office is comprised with state-of-the-art dental equipment. 

We are continually updating, remodeling and plan to move into our new location in 2021;  we'll keep you posted.  

Our Guarantee


Our Dental Warranty

The quality of our workmanship and materials, is our responsibility, and we will fix or repair any work that fails, here in our clinic.

We Stand Behind Our Work

We will always do the right thing, standing behind the work done at our clinic. 

What We Cover

Any problems that become evident later, like a crown coming off, a filling that falls out, or denture or crown that needs to be adjusted, there will be no additional charge to fix work under guarantee.  We will explain what is guaranteed during your evaluation.

Problems Not Cover 

We do not cover problem's resulting from an injury, poor hygiene, diseases, or factors that have nothing to do with dental work that we have done.

Our Patients Understand

It's understood by our patients that if they must return to Mexico for additional treatments that they assume the travel expense to fix a problem under guarantee. They factor in the savings when they choose to come to Mexico. Because of the big savings, we cannot reimburse travel or hotel expenses, although we cover and guarantee our work.

Patients View Dental Work Prior to Cementing

Dental work is seen by patient before final cementing. If the patient later decides that they want a different shade or crown shape or size, after it's fixed in their mouth, we cannot redo that work for free. The lab will charge us a second time for any post cementing changes, the patient will have to pay to cover the clinics expenses.

our Patients

We provide the highest quality dental care with the greatest integrity for our patients in a comfortable atmosphere.  Our patients mean the world to us!

Dr Dennis Mexico patients
Dr Dennis Mexico patients
Dennis with patients