Dentist in Los Algodones Mexico

Save 50 - 75% for dental treatment compared to the U.S.!

The COst for DeNtal Service in the U.S. & Canada is outrageous! 

The cost of dental crowns, implants and other dental cosmetic procedures is extremely expensive, regardless if you have good dental insurance or not. 

Dr Dennis Mexico doing dentistry on male patient

The Dental cost in Mexico is fantastic! 

Most people are reluctant perhaps even skeptical to travel to another country for dental treatment; until we did it!  Now that we've experienced it for ourselves; we are here to share the wonderful treatment we received from Dr. Dennis, as well as her incredible pricing. 

Dr Dennis in Mexico and her amazing dentistry skills

Perfect Finishing Touches

Dr. Dennis is somewhat of a perfectionist, she is also very friendly, meticulous, and gentle. The best combination of traits for superb dentistry!  You may arrive in pain but you'll leave smiling!

Matching Your Tooth Color

Dr. Dennis will match your new teeth with your  natural teeth, to veneers, crowns or whatever is most prevalent. She thinks of everything; she's an excellent dentist!

Getting Around Town

Don't worry about finding your way around town.  Margot, Dr. Dennis's friendly and helpful receptionist will take you to and from your appointments every day!  That's personalized service!

it was well worth my trip to Mexico! 

My story is only one of many...


What patients are saying...

Ross Clarke

I drove to Dr. Dennis's in Mexico and got a cleaning, a check-up, a partial plate, and implants.  Now I feel great!  She explained everything very thoroughly, she's very gentle and an excellent dentist.  I saved a lot by going to her.  I was comfortable, the clinic was very clean.  The x-rays and evaluation were included with the cleaning.  Everyone was very friendly and accommodating.  She is very thorough and careful.  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Gary & Gail Lambert

I needed my dentures fixed and my husband required some fillings. Dr. Dennis fixed my dentures for me so there was no more pain. My husband had 4 or 5 fillings done then had a very nice cleaning. We drove to Algodones by car from Az.  Our teeth look great and it's giving us a little more reason for a full smile The staff at her office are very nice and very personable people. Dr. Dennis is a very professional dentist and does wonderful work.  We saved lots of money having our dentures and teeth fixed in Mexico Los Algodones is very different from our country, but everyone in the little town is very respectful. The office is very clean, and the staff is great. Very nice and also respectful. She is a wonderful dentist that you can trust.  Wellton, Az 

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Your evaluation includes:  all x-rays & a complete dental exam. 

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Calzada Saratoga 189
Los Algodones  87001
Baja California, Mexico


Phone: 928-239-5674

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Mon: Fri  8 AM - 4 PM (MST)
Sat:         8 AM -2 PM  (MST)