Dr Dennis Cochran DDS Mexico

Dr. Dennis Cochran 

About Dr. Dennis

Dennis (pronounced Denise) was born and raised in Los Algodones, México. 

Since the age of ten, Dennis worked at her uncle’s craft shop; this is when she learned to speak English, and customer relation skills.  Being helpful, kind, and always putting the customers’ needs first.

From early on, Dennis learned the importance of hard work, traditional family values, to stay educated, to be responsible, and always open to learning new things.

Like most teenagers, after high school, she didn’t know what her lifelong profession would be…possibly a doctor, lawyer, or dentist.  Then she was offered an internship where she could learn and work in dentistry. 

Dennis became a dental assistant and learned the various dental instruments and how to diagnose patients.  As her education continued, her passion for dentistry grew.

 As a dentist assistant, Dennis helped many patients that weren’t able to eat, and suffered lots of pain, to walking away from her dental chair feeling fantastic, happy and smiling. 

Dennis was grateful for the opportunity to learn as she worked because now she knew that dentistry was her calling!

Dennis attended the Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexicali, over 48 miles west of Algodones, to to become a licensed dentist. After many years of hard work and studies, she earned her title: Dennis Cochran, DDS.

Dr. Dennis worked another year of internship at the same university, before returning to Algodones to start her dental clinic.

 Dennis is in her second building now, with plans for a new location in 2021.  Stay tuned for that announcement!

 For now, Dr. Dennis enjoys each new experience, the day-to-day challenges, giving her clients excellent treatments, and putting smiles back on their faces.

 Much of Dennis's current business, are the snowbirds from the U.S. & Canada who fly in for dental procedures.

The best way to begin is to schedule an x-ray and evaluation.  Dr. Dennis will put you at ease from th moment you meet her.  You’ll leave Mexico completely fixed in record time. Her rates are unbelievably low!

 Dr. Dennis is very attentive and personable; she listens closely to her clients’ primary needs. She is gentle and will always have your comfort level in mind.  She’s professional and enthusiastic as she welcomes you to her home town, Los Algodones. 

Dr. Dennis has a beautiful smile; and she will send you home with one too!


It was a process but having your gentle care and patience sure made everything great in the end....I can't thank you enough you have a wonderful attitude and great staff all around (yes, even you Margot) wish you all the success; you have a bright future ahead!

Bruce McGuire

Bruce McGuire

I had loose dentures and ended up with implants.  I flew in from Palm Springs.  The town was safe and my experience was very good.  Her clinic was very clean. Dr. Dennis and her staff are friendly; the prices are great, and I would go there again!

Terry Hill

Simple and easy.

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 Dementia and Alzheimer's can result from bacteria in the mouth, spreading to the nerve channels and bloodstream.  

Your dental health is very important to your well being. 

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