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Dentistry in Los Algodones Mexico

The dilemma in choosing a good dentist and scheduling an appointment for an evaluation with a dentist; you may ask yourself:

What if the dentist is not qualified?

What if the quality of their work is not as good as it should be?

What if they use the wrong instrument?

What if I have future issues from their work?

Finding a new Dentist may be scary and confusing for some people.

In this article, we will discuss the qualifications of a good Dentist and how you will know how to find a good one in Los Algodones, Mexico.

By researching in advance and reading through real live testimonials will help you locate the best Dentist to take care of your needs.

You shouldn’t choose a dentist based on price alone.  It’s highly-important to know their reputation with have many return clients.  What are these clients saying about their experience?

Scour every inch of their website. Are their discrepancies?  Are the clients full names used?  When their full names, city and state are present; you can rely on their testimonials to be honest & true.

When you schedule an x-ray and evaluation with Dr. Dennis in Mexico, she gives you a complete consultation explaining all the details, giving you options and allowing you to ask as many questions to help you determine which service is best for you.

By the end of your evaluation you’ll know without a doubt if she is the right Dentist for you.

Don’t ever hesitate to ask any question, after all this is important that you feel comfortable and make the right decision, so please ask away!

What to Look for in a Dentist


A licensed Dentist is skilled and certified to x-ray and examine your mouth, gums, jaw, and teeth.  It doesn’t end there; a Dentist helps you to prevent future issues for better overall heath.


A good Dentist promotes healthy oral hygiene, and helps you to understand their findings, interprets x-rays, and monitors the growth and development of your teeth.

 The work of a good dentist goes beyond teeth repair.  Aside from being medically thorough, it is essential to find a Dentist that addresses your emotions by educating and making you feel at ease with the work they will be performing.

A good Dentist is instinctual, intelligence, patient, detail-oriented, practical with efficient and logical skills; that’s how you know you’ve found an excellent Dentist.

Things to consider before booking your appointment....let‘s dive in!

Things to Know Before Choosing a Dental Clinic

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re considering finding a low cost yet high-quality Dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Dental insurance doesn’t cover much even when used in the country you live, when having your dentistry done in Los Algodones you will pay cash or or credit card (ask in advance about card fee %).  
  2. Costs for everything in Los Algodones is much lower so paying out of pocket or with a card will be far less than what you would receive in the United States and Canada.  
  3. Read all patients testimonials, reviews with close attention to their experiences.
  4. Once you’ve done all the above, what’s your comfort level for this Dentist?
  5. Look at their website, what is their range of services?  So far, are you feeling a sense of confidence and comfort?
  6. Do the images and comments mention the cleanliness of the dental office/equipment?
  7. Once you’ve scheduled your x-ray & evaluation, Dr Dennis answers all your questions, explains all options; you will know if she is the best dentist for you!

How Often Should you Have Dental Checkups and Cleanings?

How often you go is a personal preference; some people go annually while others go only when they have issues.

It’s wise to go once or twice a year, but that is entirely up to each individual.

Keep in mind, going annually is for preventative so the work you’ll need in the future is minimal and less costly.

This is why prevention is always better than the cure.  The standard visit to a dentist for dental checkups and cleanings are at least twice a year. But if you take really good care of your teeth, eat a healthy diet, and annual visit or bi-annual may keep you from needing to return for emergency dental work or pain.

Now you know how to select a good Dentist in Algodones, Mexico!

Our Best Choice for A Dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico

In 2020, when COVID was creating havoc around the world, you couldn’t find a dentist in my city that would do crowns, root canals, even in an emergency situation.  They would only do extractions.

A friend told me about wonderful Dr. Dennis DDS, in Los Algodones, Mexico!

Like many people, I was a bit reluctant to go outside of the U.S. for something as important as dental work, but I had no other options.

I was pleasantly surprised at the fabulous dentistry received by Dr Dennis, as well as everything in this small town that borders Arizona and California.

Baja, California, Mexico (Los Algodones) is only a 15 min Uber ride from Yuma, Az.

I recommend staying overnight in Los Algodones, California Comfort & Suites (https://drdennismexico.com/accommodations) is my favorite place to stay.  It’s right down the street from Dr. Dennis’s new and beautiful clinic. 

Everything in Algodones costs less than Yuma, and you won’t to pay an Uber to travel back & forth every day. 

It’s less stressful to stay in Los Algodones and you can safely walk a few blocks away to Dr Dennis’s new and beautiful clinic.

Dr Dennis is very kind and professional. She did so much work in so little time and I saved thousands even taking into consideration the flight, accommodations and meals.

I will go to Dr Dennis for the rest of my life, regardless if I fly each time or drive- it’s well worth it!


I hope this article was helpful for choosing the right dentist for you!  Please remember to make a list of questions and do your research before you allow dental treatment.

You may also schedule an x-ray and consultation with my favorite dentist, Dr. Dennis DDS to decide if she’s right for you.  She’s precise, cautious, and kind; everything you hope for in a dentist!  


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