September 30

Things to Know Before Having a Root Canal


Root Canals are Not as Painful as People Might Think

This procedure is nowhere near as scary as some may think.  Root canals are actually quite commonplace. Your lips and gums may likely be numb for hours after the root canal.  Once the numbing medication wears off you may experience slight discomfort; yet the sensitivity may be mitigated by taking a pain reliever or Ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation.  You will feel better very soon.

A Brief Look at the Necessity of Root Canals

Root canals are necessary when the nerve resting below the tooth contains bacteria inside a cavity. A root canal will also prove necessary when the exposed nerve or damaged nerve breaks.

A Root Canal Will Require Getting a Dental Crown

A root canal procedure is followed by having a dental crown put on top where your tooth used to be.  Dental crowns are the same shape as your natural teeth. In fact no one will know that it’s not your real tooth.  

Proceed With Caution Immediately After Having Your Root Canal

Your dentist will direct you on how long to wait before eating. This is necessary to prevent the treated tooth from coming loose too soon afterward.

If you bite down too hard and too soon on something, this may reinjure the fragile area because you haven’t given your gums ample time to heal and strenthen.  Allow the new tooth the time that's necessary to become strong and secure.

Time to Heal After Your Root Canal

It is typically recommended to set aside three full days of recovery and mild levels of discomfort and sensitivity.

If you have pain that lasts longer than four to five days, you should contact your dentist's office.

A check-up appointment may be needed to ensure the tooth is healing as expected.

Things to Know Before Having a Root Canal


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